Vermont Sunday Service 2019-12-29

Vermont Sunday Service 2019-12-29

Just as faith worketh by love so does pride worketh by self.


Service Notes For Sunday Vermont 2019-12-29


  • Jim Cannon
  • Scott Stevens
  • Jeanne Lamica


  • Matthew 7:8-9, 2 Galatians 5:6, Timothy 3:1, James 4:1-3, Philippians 2;3, Matthew 10:40, Romans 7:14-25


  • You can pray to be like-minded in Jesus.
  • What is your problem?  Why are you taken in by lies?
  • People use Christmas as a way to paper over the lies and the confusion in their lives.
  • You, yourself, are the problem, but you want to believe the problem is with others.
  • Just as faith worketh by love, so does pride worketh by self.
  • Lust is wanting stuff you don’t have.
  • You do not have any special claim to a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • You are to set others above yourself.
  • You as yourself have nothing to offer to others.
  • When you judge those who come in the authority and power of God, you shut the door on Christ and God the Father.
  • If you are addicted to the things of the world, you are in prison.
  • Submission is the antidote to self and pride, and it brings you into a relationship with God the Father.