Texas Wednesday Service 2020-11-11

Texas Wednesday Service 2020-11-11

What does it look like to give your life to Jesus?  Are you wearisome?

Service Notes For Wednesday Texas 2020-11-11


  • Rick Eutsler, Jr.


  • Isaiah 43:21-22, 2 John 1:1-13, Matthew 5:45, Matthew 6:22, John 16:33


  • Jump into trusting the Lord.
  • You don’t need a bugout bag from God.
  • Things of God are spiritual, not carnal, your carnal man will never understand them.  Put off those things that are of your carnal man.
  • Weariness comes when you are trying to incorporate your way and you are trying to put God’s sticker on it (His approval/call it His when it is not).
  • When you are about the Lord’s business, you will not weary.
  • What does it look like to give your life to Jesus?
  • When His life matters, it does not get wearisome.
  • The opposite of wearisome is joyful, weary is you in the flesh, joy is a fruit of love.
  • Forsake the old and go after the new.  Don’t beat yourself up for being an idiot.  Jesus knows exactly what kind of people people are, they’re people.
  • If you find yourself getting weary in loving God and loving one another, it’s because you haven’t truly given up your life to Jesus.
  • You are planted on the rock when you hear and do.
  • You choose to abide in the old man or you choose to abide in Christ.  One goes to death and the other goes to life.
  • Wearisomeness is a warning sign, like rumble strips on the road.
  • Are you weary of being a husband?  A wife?  A parent? A housekeeper? A Boss?  An employee?
  • Has anyone ever expressed wearisomeness to you and you justified them in it?  
  • You can not have your ways and God’s ways, He will never allow that.
  • Don’t let the enemy have any space.  Drive him out and don’t let him back in.  Forsake those things and give your life fully to Christ.
  • Walking in the joy and fulness of God rather than weariness is so much better and it’s what the Lord wants for you.
  • If you put your hope and trust and everything in Jesus Christ, the world can not do anything to you.