Texas Sunday Service 2020-05-03

Texas Sunday Service 2020-05-03

Are you content with food and raiment TODAY?  Are you thankful for what the Lord has for you today?  All He asks of us is reasonable service.


Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2020-05-03


  • James Eutsler
  • Bob Hicks


  • Romans 12:1-4, Mark 16, Romans 12


  • Are you content with food and raiment?  Not looking into the future, but TODAY, are you content with food and raiment?
  • Are you thankful and content with what He has for you today?
  • Do you love the Lord over yourself?  That’s a choice you get to make.
  • All He asks of us is reasonable service.
  • If a minister prays for a believer, they should have joy in the ability to pray for the other believer, for the believer to believe and then to see the prayer answered by the faith of the believer.
  • Within 3 years of being in the Lord, you should be ministering the Gospel to others.
  • We do not all have the same job, but we are ALL to minister the Gospel.
  • You are to be about the things mentioned in Romans 12:6-21 ALL the time.
  • You are not called to “feel” good, you are called to serve God.
  • What do you deserve and what do you get?  You deserve hell and damnation, we all do, but you get to choose Him and His ways and then have the hope of salvation and eternal life.