Matthew 4:19 – And he saith unto them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Our mission, like that of the Apostle Paul’s, is to:

  • Minister, in power, the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.
  • Edify the body of Christ through the propagation of Biblically sound teachings.
  • Raise up and equip ministers of the gospel through the scriptural means of discipleship.
  • Establish local churches where believers fellowship, worship, and minister one to another in faith, love and power.
  • Perfect the saints in the faith.

Much like the Apostle Paul, the cornerstone of our inter-denominational message is faith in God’s Word, backed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. As Paul well understood, Jesus Christ is our common Lord and Savior and His Word our final authority. And like believers of all generations, it brings us no greater joy than to fellowship and join forces with those of like precious faith. Please browse around our website. Our hope is that you will find it easy to navigate, but contact us with your questions, comments or suggestions so that we can make it better for all. To view OLD Audio Archives from our OLD website, visit:  www.thefishermenministry.net/new-audio  To view NEW Audio Archives from THIS website, visit:  www.thefishermenministry.org/audio-archives-page/


2018 Ministers Conference at Grace Ranch in Texas.
Takes place from Monday, October 8th to Saturday, October 13th, 2018

To find out more about the conference or listen to previous TFM conference audio, please click on the link.

For more information about The Fishermen Ministry or our yearly ministers conference, please contact Steve Atherton at (915) 988-2450.

Meet the Founder & Head of The Fishermen Ministry

Richard D. Eutsler, Sr's Bio

Richard D. Eutsler, Sr’s Bio

Richard D. Eutsler, Sr. (“Davy”) Founder of The Fishermen Ministry (1947-2017) Read Richard's Testimony Listen ...
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Steven Atherton's Bio

Steven Atherton’s Bio

Steven H. Atherton is the Head of The Fishermen Ministry (as of 2017) resides at ...
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To listen to the 2018 tent revivals from South Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut & Vermont which took place in April, May, June & July 2018 please click the image below .


Recorded broadcasts of Bible Studies, Church Services, Conferences, Revivals and more are available online.


Recorded broadcasts of Church Services, Conferences, Special Events and more are available online.


Writings include Articles of Faith, Prophecies, Sermons, Teachings, Topical Scriptures and more, now online.

Social Media

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Would you like to join or visit a local fellowship?  South Carolina, Vermont, Arizona, Texas, Ghana.

Ministers Directory

A list of Ordained & Licensed Ministers and Christian Workers within The Fishermen Ministry available here!


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Eagle Radio Network

The Eagle Radio Network broadcasts live Church Services, Bible Studies and Shows from The Fishermen Ministry.


Worship is a critical component for any ministry.  For that reason we have made our worship available online.

Grace Ranch

Grace Ranch is open to all to camp & spend time, but also for those who want to learn more about Jesus Christ.


Would you like to support one of our hard working staff at Grace Ranch?  Click here to support someone.


We have a variety of projects going on and a number of projects in the pipeline.  This is a list of our projects.

Christian Lawyer

Steven H. Atherton is the head of The Fishermen Ministry and a Christian lawyer, find out more…